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Laocoon - 3D work and study.

A couple of years ago (maybe more) I was asked to create this sculpture in full 3D, and real time asset. Laocoon sculpture, original version : not broken one. This is a huge piece of history. I didn't have much references, but google allowed me to have a lot. I achieved my work, but after a few months I wasn't able to find my old modeling files as I din't work anymore for the company who asked me to work on this piece of art. I felt like I couldn't share it with you all. So I started to model it again from scratch, again. It took me a lot of time and it's not perfect. But thanks to Jaime and Pixologic, I made it all with Zbrush. From Zpheres and details. Like old times… I had a lot of fun doing this piece. First because I'm able to do it again and again now, and secondly because Zbrush allowed me to create it from nothing but Zpheres at start. Then that's just fun. And a very very good training. :) Enjoy.